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Your New Addi(c)tion in Wellness — Spring

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Finally it’s that time of the year…
It’s time for Spring!

No, we’re not talking about Seasons, we’re talking about our smart water bottle! The unique and stylish way to take care of all of your hydration needs.

Spring is finally available for purchase, and you will soon get to experience all the benefits proper hydration will bring!

We’re sure you have a lot of questions, so we’ll use this chance to answer the top 3 questions on everyone’s mind: Why? How? And What?

‘WHY do I need Spring?

Forgetting to drink water all day and then drinking 2 glasses at once to make up for it - sound familiar?

Or have you ever wondered how much water your body really needs? If you’re drinking enough? If you’re drinking too much?

Spring is the answer to all your hydration questions - you will never have to wonder again!

Spring will remind you to drink more water and determine your water intake needs to ensure you are always consuming the optimal amount for you as an individual.

Along with all the health benefits Spring will bring, there is also one key factor as to why the Spring bottle would be just perfect for you… it’s beautiful! The design of our new smart water bottle is so gorgeous, you will want to take a sip just to show it off!

HOW does it work?

As mentioned, each person is unique - and so are their needs! Spring knows this, and calculates your hydration goal by taking into account your physique as well as your lifestyle habits such as your activity levels, your reproductive health data etc. as well as location - keeping in mind your local climate. It will tell you the perfect amount of water YOU need, and all you have to do is drink, sync and shake!

Syncing the bottle is easy, and even fun! All you have to do is press the sync button in the Bellabeat app and shake your bottle, like a skilled cocktail master!

As Spring has highly sensitive sensors embedded in the base of the bottle, it will be able to measure the amount of water consumed, and tell you how much you still need to drink.  

Of course, there is no easy road to health but don’t worry! Spring will be guiding you step by step so that you reach your long-term hydration goal, and incorporate proper hydration into your healthy lifestyle.  

Spring has a 4-month replaceable battery, which means no unnecessary charging!

It works with the Bellabeat app which is compatible with all Bellabeat products, and you are able to view your hydration data as well as your Leaf data. This will ensure you have a complete overview of your health in one place.


‘WHAT will I get from using Spring?

Our goal is to create an ecosystem of products that work together in order to provide you with the complete picture of your overall health and well-being, and Spring is a new addition to that. We hope not just to motivate and inspire people to step towards a healthier lifestyle, but assist them in achieving and creating habits that will help them lead a more wholesome life.

Of course, you will be able to benefit from Spring even without having a Leaf. It will still keep in mind your unique parameters, the physique description you will be asked to enter, and any activity you manually input into the app, to determine your optimal hydration needs. It will guide you on a path of making water a necessity in life, that never slips your mind again - and when it does, Spring will be sure to remind you.

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