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Why We Need To Talk To Women

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Bellabeat's co-founder Urška with her mother Tanja who's a passionate windsurfer.

I’ve always been a curious person and have always sought to broaden my views and mind with knowledge. But what I found it to be the most important part of learning, is the human experience through which knowledge is transformed into new concepts, ideas and solutions. That’s why it’s only natural that being able to find examples in people we can relate to is such an important part of how we define ourselves and our plans and ambitions in this world.

As a young woman and professional, I’ve often felt I was facing challenges and decisions I was not equipped with either knowledge or experience for. In those moments, I’ve found it to be important to seek support in conversations with women that had both. Women I could in some aspect relate to but, most importantly, women I could look up to.


Urška with her great-greataunt Vera who was a II WW partisan veteran and recipient of Yugoslavian Silver Star Medal for bravery.

I was lucky to have been born in an environment in which I’ve always been surrounded by strong and independent women. For me, being able to find inspiring examples to look up to and a good support system in order to grow early on, was not a challenge.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for a lot of young girls. Many girls are still growing up with a feeling of not being good enough, and a damaged sense of self-worth, which results in them having lesser chances and fewer options.

International Women’s day is so much more than just a day to celebrate womanhood.

It’s a day to remind ourselves that there’s still so much left that needs to be done to grant equal rights and equal chances for girls and women around the globe. In order to provide them free access to health care, education, careers, freedom of choice and complete control over their bodies and lives, without prejudice and bias. It’s is an opportunity to discuss the state of women’s well-being.


Urška with her mother Tanja.

At Bellabeat we took this opportunity to speak to some of the women that inspire us daily in the way we build our products and brand. We discussed their personal and professional lives and the way they take care of themselves, to be able to achieve all of their aspirations.

Take a look at their stories, suggestions and insights for some instant motivation. Learn more here.

Inspirational Women is a series of interviews that will continue even after 8th of March and our hope is that it will open up conversations on topics important to all women.

That’s why we want to encourage you, yes YOU, our community to take part as well!


Urška with her mother Tanja and Karin Velikonja of Glowin Face at Bellabeat's brand launch event in London.

We would love to see you contribute to the project with suggestions of women that inspire you or your personal stories. You can reach out to me personally with your suggestion and stories at urska.srsen@bellabeat.com. Building a support system, staying inspired and motivated is key to achieving a body-mind balance, and we want to help you with that, as much as we can. 

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Urska Srsen,
Co-founder of Bellabeat

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