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Why Time Was Featured As a Fashion Must-Have

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“Known for their beautifully designed wellness products for women, Bellabeat combines fashion with function. It’s smart jewelry that tracks your activity, calories, sleep and more.”

Did you catch us on CBS’ Emmy Award winning talk show The Talk last Friday?

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Time by Bellabeat, hybrid wellness watch, was featured as a Must Have fashion item, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response! Merging fashion with technology is the way of the future, when your fashion style can also help boost your general well-being why would you choose anything else?


We were thrilled with the feature, but even happier with the positive reaction it caused among women that were excited to finally find a fashionable wellness tracker created just for them.


The women’s wellness industry is on the rise… and it’s no wonder! More and more women are noticing the negative impact hectic modern living can have on their health. Constantly rushing between family, work, friends, hobbies, trying to do it all and do it perfectly… It can be incredibly draining both mentally and physically. You want to make a change, you really, truly do, but… time flies, you promise yourself you’re going make a change as soon as things calm down but they never do. The days just keep on passing and you just can’t seem to make it… stop. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone! When people talked about wellness before it was immediately associated with a spa, some massages, a sauna… A day of pampering. In reality wellness isn’t just one day of pampering yourself, it’s a lifestyle! It’s a way to incorporate that feeling of going to a spa, into your daily life in order to achieve that ultimate life balance. While that’s definitely a mindset we all need to work on achieving, having fashionable technology to support you along the way is always a helpful benefit.

We want to help women achieve all of their wellness goals in a way that doesn’t inconvenience them or affect their daily life. That’s why we focused on creating products with a unique and beautiful design, that can blend into any style and effortlessly fit into your daily life.

The added benefit of a beautiful wellness tracker, is all the compliments you get!

Now, how does that actually help?

It’s sort of the same principle as when you buy a stylish new pair of yoga pants, or running shoes. It motivates you to start! With our gorgeous smart jewelry pieces however, you get to feel that motivation constantly! Every time someone compliments you watch, or your bracelet, it’s your chance to say ‘Thank you but actually, it’s more than that…’ Talking about your wellness tracker in such a positive way, adds onto the motivation you already have to better yourself and makes you eager and excited to use it daily.

We believe that’s the most important part of having the wellness technology work for you. Not getting tired of wearing your rubber tracker after 2 months, or having to take it off for any formal events, but actually wanting to wear it, show it off even. Having the tracker seamlessly integrate into your daily life, instead of standing out like a sore thumb.

The way to reach your perfect state of wellness isn’t just hitting your goals one week. It’s creating healthy habits that will improve your lifestyle, and that’s exactly what our products are here for.


We’re here to support you on your journey towards balance in your life, and help you achieve your ideal mind-body connection.


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