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What Are Confidence Killers and How to Eliminate Them?

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Everyone’s confidence can be fragile at times. It takes a lifetime to build and can be shaken in a few seconds. These situations, in which we end up feeling low, are commonly called ‘Confidence Killers’. You can sense where the name comes from. 


We all know how important it is to feel bold, fearless and courageous and how it can positively affect our everyday life! Walking into a room, your head held up high can instantly change the way others look at you. But that situation in itself can be intensely stressful and it’s not uncommon for our confidence to diminish. Here are some reasons why that might happen and how we can solve it. 

Preparation (or lack of)


You know the situation. You have a presentation in class, a meeting at work, a job interview and suddenly, your confident self just disappeared. The reason behind it is not that you’re having a bad day, but because you haven’t properly prepared yourself. 


‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’— a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin sums it up. Without enough time spent researching, practicing and exploring the topic, you will start feeling uncertain and you won’t feel confident enough for the task. 

The best solution- prepare. Make sure you know everything about the topic and the situation you’re getting into. In case you’re giving a speech, check out the venue in which it will happen- trust us, it helps!

Previous experience


While it’s good to have previous experience on the topic, it can easily weigh us down if our experiences haven’t been positive. 

It’s sometimes hard to forget that embarrassing recital or the time you forgot what you were supposed to say, but we have to think about it as if they’re the best learning opportunities we can get. 


Just remember, we all make mistakes and failure is normal. Learning from it is what makes us grow and evolve. Sit down with yourself and look over your previous failure. How did it make you feel? What was the reason it happened—we’re you not prepared, were you scared?  Be aware of the mistakes you made and conquer them this time. Create a successful memory and it will be a starting point for your future endeavors. 




It’s not uncommon for us to compare ourselves to others. And while it can be a positive experience, most of the time it is not. 

When scrolling down your Instagram, Facebook or just by looking at others passing by, you can only see one side of the story. We’re prone to thinking that life is as perfect as it seems in the pictures and more often than not, it just isn’t. You never know the backstory of that amazing woman who just gave the most inspiring speech, or the beautiful lady walking down the street. 

They’re all people, with their own challenges, lives, and problems. 


Compare yourself with who you were a year ago, see the progress and make it a reason to push forward into becoming the best you can be. 


And remember, your future self will thank you!

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