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Top 10 Foods to Avoid When Battling Belly Fat

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Getting rid of belly fat is a struggle for a lot of women out there. No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you work out, it always seems to stick around for some reason. Belly fat is not just an aesthetics issue - it a health issue, as well. When it comes to getting rid of belly fat, there are no tricks - you just need some exercise and some smart food choices. There are a lot of good foods to eat that can help you lose fat such as walnut, oatmeal, broccoli, but good foods aren't the problem, are they?

It's the 'bad' foods that usually get the better of you, so let's focus on those instead.



We hate to sound like a parent, but alcohol is really bad for you if you're trying to lose belly bat. While it's not really a food, it's something most of us like to enjoy in moderation during our free time. Unfortunately, if you're working on losing weight you'll have to give that up. It slows your metabolism, it's high in calories and let's not forget the 3AM grilled cheese that sounds like a good idea when you've had a few glasses too many


Refined grains

Bad news for all the carb and mac and cheese lovers - white rice, pasta, and white bread will cause a spike in your blood sugar and an immediate elevation in your insulin hormone, causing your body to accumulate fat. We know it's awful, but if you want to be belly fat-free, you'll have to cut down on those.


Saturated fat foods

More bad news - full-fat dairy, cheese, and fatty meats are a no-no if you want your belly fat to go-go. While all foods are good in moderation, this specific type loves stick around your tummy area so if possible, avoid it for a while. 


Trans fat foods

Think of a nice piece of fried chicken. Think of some fries. Think of your favorite bag of chips. These guys are not your friends, no matter how good they taste.


Sugary foods

Candy candy candy, I can't let you go! Well, if you want to lose belly fat, you'll have to. Processed sugars are basically empty calories, meaning if you eat them, you'll be hungry very soon.


Creamy stuff

Ice cream, gravy, dips, and salad dressing... they taste great, and because life is not fair, most great tasting things are also full of calories.


Salty foods

Salt isn't THAT bad in moderation, but moderation means different things to you and me and nutritionists. As the digestive process nears completion, excess sodium is absorbed into the body, usually passing through the belly region before heading elsewhere.


Sugary drinks

You'll probably say something like: "I know Cola isn't the best of choices when fighting fat" - and you'll be right, but did you know most juice boxes contain as much or even more sugar? Next time you pick up that carton of orange juice, look at the label in the back - so much sugar!



Yes, really. We know, the "nuts" part can be deceiving, but peanuts are one of the foods used to fatten hogs and like to stick around your belly, so you're better off with walnuts or almonds. While peanuts are good for a high protein diet, avoid it if you're trying to target the belly fat. 



We know this list is probably making you think 'Great, is there anything left that I can eat?' But surprisingly enough, while corn is excellent in some diets, it's also high in sugars, allergens, and calories so if you're on a no belly fat regime, don't touch the corn! Popcorn is fine, though, as long as you don't use a lot a lot of oil or grease.



Which one will be the hardest for you to do without?

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