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Time-Management Tips for Working Moms

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Time-Management Tips for Working Moms

Do you feel like you never have enough time?  Maybe, you end the day feeling exhausted and guilty. No matter how fast you run, you never reach the finish line. We get it.  

Being a working mom is like having two jobs. And one of them doesn’t even offer vacation time.  Still, you need to make it all work. Because you can’t just call it quits. What if you could just organize your time better? 

Here are 5 actionable tips that will help you do just that. 


1. Keep a To-Do List  

    A lot of people think to-do lists are a thing of the past.  But, they remain to be incredible time savers because they tell you exactly what needs to get done.  You won’t waste time trying to remember your daily chores. 

    Checking off the items from your to-do list is just a bonus. It flips an important emotional switch by making you feel proud.

    And pride can be a huge motivator. Goodbye, procrastination! 

    You can use your regular pen and paper, Google calendar, or download a badass to-do app. 


    2. Prioritize with Color Coding 

      Though a to-do list can be a remarkable tool for time-management, sometimes it just doesn’t work.  Actually, its lengthiness might intimidate you. That’s where prioritization comes in. 

      Review your to-do list and find things that you really can’t put off. These are your priorities. Make them stand out with the color red. 

      Use orange for less urgent tasks, and yellow for the least urgent ones. There are some amazing apps that can help you do just that!


      3. Use the Do Not Disturb Setting 

        How often do you find yourself replying to messages when you should be working? If you’re anything like us, more often than you’d like to admit. Still, spending a minute or two to reply might seem insignificant. 

        Research shows otherwise. Juggling between tasks can cost you as much as 40% of your productive time.  It’s a high price to pay for just one text, right? 

        To ensure you never make the same mistake again, make use of the do not disturb setting on your phone.  It blocks your messages, notifications, and phone calls for as long as you decide.

        Plus, you can add important numbers on your favorite’s list. This means people that matter will still be able to reach you if they need you.



        4. Make Home for Your Stuff 

          Do you use the “it’s-called-creative-mess” excuse often?  Even if you are more creative in a messy environment, chaos is still a bad idea for time management. A disorganized environment will make you waste time trying to find things. And preventing it is so easy.

          Instead of just tossing things around, choose a special place to store similar items in. For example, keep your earphones and chargers in the same box.  When everything has its home, you’ll find yourself compelled to put it back. Because you know it only takes you a minute to do that. 

          Want to make it even more fun?  Go shopping for some containers. You’ll be surprised by how many awesome designs you can find! 



          Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

          5. Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle 

            Trying to save time in a hectic environment is like trying to swim upstream. It’s hard when the current is pulling you in a different direction. So why not change the current? 

            Simplify your life by decluttering your mental and physical environment.  Start by getting rid of the things that you don’t need. For most of us, our closet is the best place to start.  Now think about everything else that’s stealing your precious time. Are you handling too many projects at once? Or are you saying yes to things you don’t want to take part in? 

            It’s O.K. not to join your best friend’s book club or attend every family gathering. 

            Give yourself a break. And call it time-management. 

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