The Current State of Women’s Wellness by Bellabeat

The Current State of Women’s Wellness by Bellabeat

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Two-thirds of women struggle to balance all elements of their lives

Here, at Bellabeat, we’ve been dedicated to helping women reach their perfect life balance, by taking care of all aspects of well-being - body, mind, and soul. Once you have meaningful insight into your wellness, you are able to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and which healthy habits you would benefit from creating. That is also one of the reasons we decided to do a Women’s Wellness Study in the UK - to gather more detailed information on the current state of women’s wellness. Bellabeat surveyed 2,000 women over the age of 16 in the UK, asking relevant questions about their daily lifestyle and the impact of modern living on their sense of well-being.

Only a third of women questioned agree that they successfully balance all elements of their life and 61% state that they are full of good intentions, but keep getting derailed.

Leading a hectic lifestyle means you likely have a lot of things on your mind -- loved ones to take care of, a job you want to excel at, taking care of the household -- whichever responsibilities or priorities you set for yourself in life, the majority of women forget to put themselves as the most important priority. That’s why it can be easy to put yourself on the back burner at times, promising you’ll make up for the lost me-time when you have extra time to spare. Building healthy habits and achieving a lifestyle change takes dedication, motivation, and some dedicated work. The first step, however, is being informed about your lifestyle, and aware of your current state of wellness.



You’re not alone in this -- a lot of women struggle with the same things you do which we also wanted to demonstrate through this survey.

Some other interesting facts from the research include:

  • 49% of women occasionally feel everything gets too much

  • 29% experience pressure all of the time, whether that be work or lifestyle related

  • 31% state they have experienced a stress-related illness

  • 31% of women blame lack of sleep for their inability to cope with stress

You can find the entirety of the survey available for download below.


Download Bellabeat Wellness Study (6.5 MB)

Can you relate? Were you surprised by some of the facts?

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