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Summer 2019: Popular Fashion Trends You Should Stay on Top of

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Sea, salt and sand — summer is almost here! Everyone is looking forward to those golden tans (but not tan lines!) and we’re all keeping an eye on what trends will rock the beach walk this year! In case you want to dig out some retro outfits that are still very much in (like that ‘80s style mini dress) or you’re looking for a little shopping before your vacation, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of 5 summer trends you should stay on top of this year (with your own twist to them highly encouraged!):


There’s nothing like a (really) big hat for the summer! It serves as the perfect sun protector while also being incredibly fashionable — and this summer they’re all the rage! Choose your favorite design, match it to any outfit for an added boost of style.


In case you’re not a fan of big hats, this year another popular must-have for the summer are bucket hats! You might even have one at home, buried in your closet from years ago, waiting for its new chance to shine. Or you just get a new one in one of the many colors and designs currently on the market.


Neon is absolutely a must-have of the summer! Whether it’s just an accessory, such as a bright neon bag, or a clothing piece like neon pants or a light summer jacket, you’ll definitely be on top of trends. Since neon is very bright, and already the centerpiece of any outfit, make sure the rest of your choices aren’t as bold with.


Coat this summer in lavender — all shades are IN this year! This feminine color is perfect for the upcoming warm days and will show off that summer glow you’ll get. No matter what outfit you decide to wear, if you have at least have a splash of lavender in there you’ll be the fashionista of the town.



White is the new black! Especially plain white T’s — they go perfectly with absolutely anything whether it’s jean shorts or your favorite flowery skirts. You just can’t go wrong with white this year, no matter how you choose to style your outfit. Not to mention this color is perfect for those hot summer days as it doesn't attract heat.



Brighten your days with florals! Floral patterns are in full bloom this summer, so get those summer flower dresses on! It’s time to rock the sandy runways with flowers, not just in your hair, but on your clothing too! We all have that one flower themes outfit somewhere in our wardrobe -- bonus points if it has that retro style that’s super in this season.


You can’t go wrong with a fun scrunchie! They’re everywhere now, and everyone wants one -- what better time to get a few? The hot summer days will make you crave a ponytail all the time, and when you have a fun hair tie, ribbon or scrunchie that you can style… you might just spend the whole summer with your hair up!

Naturally, fashion is always in the eyes of the beholder and you should never wear something you don’t feel comfortable in or personally like, just because it’s trendy. Better yet, don’t be afraid to put your own touch to these summer trends to make them your own. Use the inspiration to become a trendsetter within trends through your own unique style.

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