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Everyday Routines You Should Consider In 2019!

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It’s that time of the year when the streets are bustling with people and echoing the words ‘New Year, New Me’.

Euphoria is in the air, motivation is strong and there’s no limit to what you can achieve in 2019! If you’re like most people, you’ve probably made a list of resolutions you’re planning to follow - at least until the end of January! However, have you considered that perhaps making big resolutions just brings additional stress to the very start of your year, so maybe that’s why these resolutions never seem to stick. 

We made a short list of a few routines that won't be hard to try out, but could make your daily life much happier. 



1. Write down your thoughts and try journaling.  

Yes, this might sound like something your middle school teacher would advise you when you were 12 and hitting puberty, however it’s actually really good advice, regardless of your age or whether or not you have a knack for writing. You can write down anything that is on your mind - how you are feeling, something that you want to get off your chest, any worries or doubts you might have. There are many benefits to keeping a thoughts journal. Having things on paper might help you see a different angle, and find an unexpected solution. Getting things off your chest, might make you realize a situation is not as bad as you initially thought. Maybe it will simply help you put everything into perspective.


2. Simplify your day and appreciate the little things.

Don’t overcrowd your day. We have this inexplicable urge to fit everything humanly possible into one single day. We push ourselves to do it all, feeling stressed and pressure all day, just for a small sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. But what is that feeling of accomplishment really worth, if you spent your entire day rushing, racing and feeling overwhelmed? Stop trying to do everything, all the time, and make your day simple instead of a complicated mess.



3. Cook a healthy meal for yourself.

The time you spend cooking also counts as me-time! You can find a delicious and healthy recipes for yourself and try out a different one each day. It doesn’t even matter what time of day you can take out some time for cooking, it can be in the morning, afternoon or evening. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment when you finish and you get to enjoy a delicious meal - they always taste the best when you make them!



4. Give yourself a homemade facial treatment once a week.

Especially during winter, facial masks can prove to be a real treat(meant) for your skin. The best part is you can do your own version, depending on what type of mask you would benefit most from. There are many types of masks you can make with various different ingredients. We also shared a quick DIY face mask recipe with an avocado base, perfect for revitalizing dry skin! Give it a try, we guarantee you’ll feel refreshed afterwards, both because you spent some quality me-time and because your skin will be radiant.


5. Organize your week ahead of time.

Maybe you already make plans a month in advance, or maybe you’re the type that just plans your day once you wake up. Both are fine, but only if they work for you. If you’re somehow always feeling stressed, struggling to find enough hours in the day or simply missing out on things you’d want to be a part of… maybe you should try making a small change in how you organize your day, or even the entire week! Plan ahead with everything you know you’ll need to do, but leave some room for flexibility. Having a schedule that is too rigid could cause you missing out on any last-minute events you might want to attend. 


6. Keep hydrated, especially in the morning!

If there’s one essential routine you should try to implement, it’s drinking water first thing in the morning. Naturally, you should do your best to regularly stay hydrated throughout the day, but drinking a glass as soon as you wake up is the best first step. Drinking water in the morning will jump-start your metabolism, increase how alert you are and will help fuel your brain.


7. Get rid of the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality!

Self-care isn’t about pushing yourself past your limit, and stressing out your body. The popular saying ‘no pain, no gain’ doesn’t exactly ring true when it comes to taking proper care of your body. Everybody is unique, which means that what works for someone might not be ideal for you. The key is to listen to your body and see what makes it feel the best. It seems like 30-minute exercise classes are finally starting to gain prominence as even a short activity session can do wonders for your health. Sometimes even a little can go a long way.

There are endless routines you can try to implement to make your daily life a little happier and healthier, it just depends on what you feel you might be lacking and what you would like to improve upon or achieve. Setting up routines you can stick to is often a long and difficult journey, but if you persist, and stay motivated, you’ll see how much benefits can be gained by a couple of well-established wellness routines.

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