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Recurring Dreams: What is Your Brain Trying to Tell You?

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Dreams are a funny thing.

Some people claim they don't have them. Some say they have them but rarely remember them. Some dream in color, some dream in black and white, some dream in slow motion… The truth is, there are no rules when it comes to dreams - every dreamer is unique and no two dreams are ever alike. But, there’s an exception.

There are recurring dreams that even the most forgetful dreamer will remember. Believe it or not, the recurring dreams are usually the result of an emotion we're feeling or situation that's occurring in our daily lives, and there are certain dreams that have a large number of people have reported experiencing — at one point in their lifetime.


While the study of dreams is still far from being able to provide concrete answers as to why we dream what we dream, it's an area of interest and fascination for many. In fact, throughout the years, people have interpreted dreams in a variety of ways, and the definitions have been changing, but the widespread belief is that dreams are created to help us process some parts of our daily life that we haven't been able to come to terms with consciously. 


So, here's a list of a few common dreams with the meanings they're believed to represent:



Being naked

The dream: You're in public, and you're naked. Everyone is looking or about to look.

What it means: The scariest dream of them all - you're just enjoying your day, minding your own business and all of a sudden you're naked! This may mean that you're feeling vulnerable, whether it be psychologically, physiologically, or emotionally. You may feel exposed and ashamed in real life due to something like a promotion, new situation, or upcoming public appearance. If that’s the case, try the breathing exercises before going to bed, they can help you relax.



The dream: You're falling, and unable to stop yourself. You wake up right before you’re supposed to hit the ground.

What it means: Dreaming that you're falling can mean two things. Sometimes, the dream can symbolize anxieties about letting go of a situation or problem in real life. It can represent the feeling of losing control or a sense of failure. If that's the case, try to move on and let life run its course. Trust that things will work out! The second interpretation is more positive. Falling can also represent a feeling of tranquility, and symbolize that you're letting go of something that was holding you back. If that’s the case, the dream is your brain telling you you're doing the right thing.


Taking a test (or being tested)

The dream: There’s a test you weren't prepared for and you're scared you'll fail; you're waiting to be tested and scared you won't succeed.

What it means: This kind of dream is often a sign of self-evaluation; of critically examining yourself in your life (this is a common dream for perfectionists to have). A lot of times these dreams are associated with stress in your life, whether at work or about an upcoming event. You might be afraid of being judged by peers, or by showing up unprepared, failing, and being rejected. Try to accept yourself and what you're capable of, instead of putting yourself down. Re-evaluate your expectations of yourself and the expectations you think others have of you because they might not be accurate.


Being chased

The dream: You're being chased by something or someone - a monster, a murderer, etc.

What it means: Being chased in a dream might mean that you feel threatened by something in your life, external or internal, and looking for an escape. Or it could be that you're running away from something in your life. Try to think about who or what it could be that's instilling so much fear in you or hanging over your head, and see if you can confront it.



The dream: You're flying through the air.

What it means: The flying dream is all about control and is mostly positive - it indicates that you feel free or liberated from a situation in your life. It means you have control, or that you're going to take control over something that had been out of your control. This dream is your mind's way of telling you to stay strong when times are tough because you have the ability to rise above.

These are just a few popular dreams and meanings associated with them — which means it might not accurately apply to you, but you probably get the meaning behind the definitions. Your dreams should always be taken metaphorically as they are rarely literal, but they're often related to situations and people in your daily life — the brain can only make a mental picture of what it's already familiar with, which is why you'll often dream people or places that feel familiar from your everyday life. 


Feel free to share your 'dream story' in the comments below!

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