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Newest Fitness Trends for Busy Women

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If you’re like most women, you’re probably hoping to get your dream bod until next summer.

But there are so many other things you want to achieve. And we agree. Getting that promotion or taking your relationship to the next level is just as important for your well-being. Is there a way to really have it all? 

The answer is yes. You just have to find fitness alternatives that suit you and your lifestyle. And we’re glad to announce that 2019 offers us just that!  

We bring you 7 newest fitness trends that aren’t time consuming and will inspire you to get to work.



  1. At-Home Workouts 

Fitness is moving right to your living room! Fitness experts recognized that busy babes have no time to waste. Even taking the time to get to the gym can be a hassle. Instead of live sessions, opt for high-quality videos that you can find online in a matter of seconds. Requirements? A yoga mat and your enthusiasm! 



  1. Working While Working Out 

We all know how workouts can help clear brain fog and boost our productivity, so why have the best of both worlds? Fitness centers now offer spaces designated for working. You can even bring your co-workers with you for a fierce teambuilding activity on the treadmill and then retreat to the work lounge! 



  1. HIIT Hybrids

HIIT is our best option for squeezing an intense workout into our busy schedules. Still, we’ll often gladly pass on it because… it can be so dreadfully boring. But have no fear, because HIIT hybrids are on their way! In 2019, you can choose programs that combine HIIT with swimming, pilates, boxing, and more. 



  1. Wearable Tech 

Smartwatches, smart fabrics (tech clothing), fitness trackers… you name it! Wearable technology has never been more relevant. It lets you track important stuff like your daily intake, heart rate, and physical activity. The cool thing about it is that these fancy gadgets tell us a lot about our habits, both in and out of the gym, and can help us improve our overall lifestyle. 



  1. Family Workouts

Want to keep yourself fit and healthy, but also spend some quality time with your family? No problem! Cross-generational training aims to provide workouts suitable for you, your children, and your grandma. One incredible example of cross-generational training is PRAMA, an interactive workout with flashing lights and music. Fun, right?



  1. Fitness and Health Apps

Ok, fitness apps have been around for a while. But they’re becoming so much better. Take Sworkit for example. This amazing app lets you choose the type of workout you’re looking for and enter how much time you’ve got. Sworkit will come up with an effective workout routine for you, for free. 

Audio fitness apps are another option we fell in love with. Just plug in your earphones and follow instructions. Voila, you have your own private trainer, and all within reach. 



  1. Wellness Festivals

Music festivals are out, wellness festivals are in! These feel-good festivals mostly revolve around yoga, relaxing music, and positive vibes. How awesome does that sound?! Usually, they’re held during weekends, so they offer a great opportunity to escape your routine and have that much-needed me-time. 

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