New Hybrid Watch by Bellabeat: Reach Your Wellness Goals with Time

New Hybrid Watch by Bellabeat: It's Your Time For Wellness

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What’s the time?

It’s time for wellness!

Wellness Hybrid Watch

Introducing Time, our new elegant hybrid wellness watch for women - the must-have wellness accessory for any woman that’s serious about her well-being and style.


Driven by a desire to inspire a change in women’s lives, we wanted to build an ecosystem of products that would motivate them to reach their goals and help them make a healthy lifestyle their way of life.

Our first wellness tracker, Leaf, has been a huge hit among women around the world. They loved the versatility, the design and the personal approach to their wellness, and we’ve loved knowing that we’re making a difference in their lives!

So we took it a step further.

We wanted to create a hybrid watch that won’t distract you. A timepiece with a classic and elegant design, that helps you track your well-being but doesn’t distract you from things that matter. It doesn’t bombard you with notifications from your phone, or try to push you too hard. It doesn’t make you feel like you’re not doing enough, or like you’re doing too much.

Instead, it will be a constant reminder that regardless of what hour it is, it’s time to focus on you and your well-being!



As you’re rushing and racing around, during your busy days, no steps will go unnoticed! Time’s sensitive movement sensors will keep of all your activity for you, all you need to do to view the data is sync! Once you sync your Time with the Bellabeat app, you’ll be able to see how many steps were taken, the duration of each activity, calories spent, and distance you walked.


Are you a light or heavy sleeper? Which time of night are you the most restless? Do you ever wake up during the night? All these questions will be answered with Time. With a learning algorithm, if you want to track your sleep, all you need to do is wear your Time at night and correct any inaccuracy during sync. Each day, Time will learn a little bit more about you and your patterns - it will adapt it’s sleep tracking to your unique characteristics to provide you with an accurate overview of your sleep habits.




Taking all collected data into consideration, Time will use smart algorithms to determine how resistant to stress you are. What that means is, you’ll gain insight into exactly how each lifestyle habit impacts your overall stress, which areas of your physical health can make a stressful situation even worse! Gain insight into these areas of your life, and enhance your stress resistance before it swoops in!


Through silent and discreet vibrations, Time will wake you up in the morning, remind you to take your pill and even alert you when you’ve had prolonged periods of inactivity - based on the preferences you choose, of course. No more sudden, loud noises that either scare you or stress you out. You’ll notice the difference a vibration alarm can make, almost instantly.


To help you destress, the Bellabeat app that Time is connected to, offers over 30 meditation and breathing exercises. Rather than just inform them of their stress resistance, we wanted to give women the tools to fight stress when it happens. Stress is often unavoidable  especially in today’s day and age. Your phone never seems to stop buzzing, and there never seems to be a single hour in the day when you have nothing to do, which can be very overwhelming. The meditations have different durations, from 2 minutes to up to a full hour, to make sure everyone can squeeze in a meditation or breathing session when they feel the need.

But most of all…


It looks elegant. It’s a classic, and they just don’t make them like this anymore. You’ll get compliments on your new watch, and have the perfect conversation starter when you tell them it keeps track of your wellness! There’s nothing better than the look of awe you’ll be seeing on everyone’s face.

Time Hybrid Wellness Watch

So what do you say...

We think it’s time you focused on yourself and your well-being. Don’t you agree?

Get your Time now!

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