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Is Self-Care Actually Considered a Luxury

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“I don’t have the luxury of spending an hour a day just on myself.”

Have you said, or thought something like that before?

If you did, you're not alone. Spending some time with yourself, relaxing, and recharging is something we all need and crave. Often however, we end up dedicating all of our time to other people or spend more time worrying about our problems than taking care of what our body and mind actually needs.

That’s why many people tend to roll their eyes when they read line like ‘Self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.’

Since time is a luxury, and self-care includes spending time with yourself — we’re changing that sentence. 

Self-care is a luxury, but it’s a necessary luxury. 

It’s that one thing you need to treat yourself to, even when you don’t feel like you can justify the cost, just because it’s guaranteed to make your life even a bit easier — which makes it absolutely worth it.  

It can be hard, very hard, to designate time in a day for yourself. If you have a family, you might even feel it’s selfish almost, or that you simply can’t afford that much needed me-time, because it takes time out of other responsibilities.

When your mind is crowded with those kinds of overwhelming thoughts you might find it difficult to change your perception of self-care and how to incorporate it into your usual lifestyle.  

Let’s tackle that problem first.

The most important part of letting yourself enjoy something you might perceive as luxury, is understanding the value of it and how it might improve other aspects of your life. 

Taking time to focus on yourself can make it easier to manage other tasks or overcome difficulties. The best way to think of self-care is what would make your day better?

Is it having a cup of tea in the morning and reading a book?

Is it taking 20 minutes every night to meditate? 

Is it having a 30 minute exercise session? 

It could be something simple like going to bed sooner, putting on a facemask or doing at-home manicure. Self-care doesn’t have to be some elaborate extravaganza, it can be simple things you incorporate into your day.

There’s no immediate benefit to it, other than getting the enjoyment of actually focusing on something you love for a moment at least. However, in the grand scheme of things, the benefits are more than worth it.

You’ll feel happier, more full of energy and renewed creativity which makes it easier to tackle obstacles with a refreshed perspective. It also makes you a more positive influence to be around, will lessen the effect stress has on your body and mind. 

So how can you incorporate self-care into your lifestyle? 

There are many science-based recommendations on how you can go about changing your life for the better, so we won’t go into theorising what you should do or why you should do it. You can be the judge of that.

What we want to try to do is motivate you to at least do that ONE thing. 

What does that mean? 

Well, you probably already have that one thing you wish you could start doing. Maybe that’s going to the gym. Or it’s creating a meditation practice. Or maybe it’s just something like creating a beauty routine you actually have time for. Maybe it’s none of the above, but rather something personal, just for you. 

Regardless of what it is, the first step is seeing how much time you really need to accomplish it, and finding the optimal time to do it. Sure, we all love scrolling that Instagram or Facebook feed, or disappearing into an endless void of Youtube videos — in fact, you might even view that as quality time when you shut off your brain. 

In truth, scrolling through social media, as addicting as it is, usually overwhelms you more than it relaxes you. At the end of it, you probably won’t feel rested as much as drained. 

On the other hand, taking that time to do something beneficial for yourself will have a better effect on the rest of your life and make you feel more satisfied, overall. 

In today's day and age, there’s also various technology designed to make achieving your goals in life easier.

Wish you could go to the gym, but don’t have that much time in your day?

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You’ll find practical solutions like this everywhere, all you have to do is decide to treat yourself to some mandatory self-care, and take a look. 

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