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Importance of Meditation in a Hectic Day

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Importance of Meditation in a Hectic Day

Does your day consist of mostly running on autopilot?  Or do you find yourself drifting off in thought when you should be present?  It’s hard to turn the switch off. You’re so used to being in a rush that relaxation doesn’t come naturally. 

Still, there’s a way to turn off that autopilot and calm your mind. It requires practice. And a lot of it. But the benefits can be huge. Meditation is the key you’re looking for. This remarkable tool can help you stay cool and collected even on your busiest days. In fact, that’s when it can be especially helpful. In our Bellabeat app, you can find more than 30 meditations, both guided and ambient, which can help!

Here are 5 ways meditation pays off on your most hectic days. 


1. Promotes Letting-Go Mindset 

    There’s no way I’ll finish this in time. 

    How often do similar thoughts attack you during a hectic day?  I bet they make you feel anxious and worried. If you could get rid of them, you’d remove the stress, too. 

    Meditation helps you with that by making you more mindful. 

    You become able to detect stress from the get-go and less likely to let it build up. In turn, you’ll work a lot better under pressure and have more confidence in your abilities. 

    Recommended meditation in Bellabeat app: Present Moment 



    2. Increases Focus 

      Do you find it hard to stay focused on a particular task?  Research shows that mindfulness meditation could be the solution to your problem.  It consists of focusing on the sensation of breathing or other bodily sensations. 

      Sounds simple? Well, the research indicates that it literally reshapes your brain.  It increases thickness in the prefrontal cortex and parietal lobes. Both control our attention-span and depth of focus.  This means you could do the same things better in less time. How awesome is that? 

      Recommended meditation in Bellabeat app: Focus like Lolo Jones


      3. Enhances Decision-Making Skills

        Making decisions can be as tough as it is. And when you add urgency to that, it becomes even more difficult.  Should you go right or go left? Or not choose any direction at all?

        How can you even know which decision would be the right one?  The prefrontal cortex comes to rescue again. It’s also in charge of higher brain functions – such as decision-making. 

        It helps us think more rationally and pick up the cues from the situation at hand. Decision-making becomes a piece of cake, no matter how fast the clock is ticking.

        Recommended meditation in Bellabeat app: Internal Compass


        4. Boosts Emotional Stability

          Some people shine under pressure, while others crumble. The difference between them is their level of emotional stability. A study suggests that regular meditators report better self-regulation throughout the day. 

          Meditation might not only boost your emotional stability, but it could also change the way you perceive yourself.  Knowing that you’re in charge of your emotional state can be a huge game-changer. You’ll be more eager to jump on challenges than to run away in fear. 

          Recommended meditation in Bellabeat app: Inner Peace



          Improves Sleep

          5. Improves Sleep

            You know how effective a good night’s sleep can be in stress-reduction. So, you try to go to bed early. But you end up just lying there for hours and stressing about it.

            Meditation can help you battle insomnia by making you feel relaxed and calm. It can instill you with confidence that the world won’t end if you get some rest. 

            Plus, meditation even improves the quality of your sleep. You’ll feel more energized in the morning and might even need fewer hours of sleep. It’s a win-win!

            Recommended meditation in Bellabeat app: Deep Sleep

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