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How to Style Your Smart Accessories with Summer Outfits

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The most fun season of the year is here! Summer is the perfect time to play with fashion and your style: there are endless options of clothing pieces you can choose from, and there are so many ways you can style them.

This summer, make your style an expression of your imagination! Our smart accessories were made for fashion play, as we truly have something for everyone -- whether you’re a necklace wearer, a bracelet lover, or more of a wristwatch type. Even if you want to integrate your wellness tracker into your outfit seamlessly while still making sure you reach your wellness goals -- we’ve got you.

Last week, we talked about the best fabrics for a sweat-free summer style, and the fashion trends that we’re loving this summer -- naturally, now it’s time to give you some summer fashion ideas on how to style your smart accessories and incorporate them into your summer closet.

  1. Summer Chic

Sundress in the Sun

To be honest, the main reason we really can’t wait for summer to arrive are sundresses. Bright colors, floral patterns, polka dots -- you name it -- sundresses are the chicest summer wear there is. Steal all the attention by combining your sundress with one of our wellness trackers or watches; no matter which one you choose, it will look amazing.


Hats & pants

Big hats are always trendy, and this summer we’re wearing them with linen combinations. Choose your favorite boho piece and add a huge, brown hat to it -- it’s guaranteed to make you stand out in any crowd. We love showing off our smart accessories on our wrist with this trendy combo.

  1. Beach Stroll


Neon Splash

We mentioned neon in our article on summer trends of 2019, so naturally, we have to include it here as well. Match our Leaf Urban with neon colors this summer for a stylish impact. You can’t go wrong by adding a neon statement piece to your outfit -- especially a bright bathing suit perfect for that beach stroll. 


One-piece Swimsuits

Everybody loves... a good one-piece! And the best are the ones you can even pass off as a summer shirt when you throw on a pair of shorts or a skirt. You can grab some morning coffee with a view, and hit the beach with your Leaf paired with a stylish Mala beads necklace, or worn as a bracelet.

Fresh in Linen

Linen is an absolutely perfect material for the summer, and if you’re as to why make sure you check out our article on the best materials for a carefree summer! White linen looks especially fresh during summer and will keep you cool as you rock the walk on some sandy beach or sunny meadow. Combine our Time, hybrid wellness watch, with the outfit for an extra dose of elegance, and if you’re feeling casual Leaf Urban will be the perfect choice.

  1. Sporty


Gym Girl

Even though it’s summer, chances are you’ll still find your local gym packed with people. Even though it’s hot outside and even hotter inside, you’ll have no problem cooling off with our smart water bottle, Spring. It’s coated in lavender tones, an absolute hit of the season, and goes great with feminine color combinations. For a complete wellness tracking experience while using the gym, make sure you clip-on our Leaf Chakra.


Adventurous in Nature

The sun is shining, the weather is warm and you’ll probably be looking to spend as much time outside as possible. A cute tank top with a matching or complementary bottoms will make you look effortlessly stylish as you work on your goals. You can wear your Leaf Chakra as a clip on your shirt, or as a unique necklace for a more of an effect. Just enjoy your adventures in nature and get ready for the compliments you’ll run into along the way.

  1. Minimalistic Look


White on Denim

This combo never goes out of style, and we all know you can never have enough white shirts or denim shorts in your closet. It’s an absolute summer must-have, and you probably already have everything you need for this look! The classical denim-and-a-white-tee look is best paired with one of our stylish Mala necklaces that will lift up your trendy combo, but a Leaf Urban Black Silver.

Light Dresses

Light dresses for a light summer feeling! There’s nothing quite like those summer dresses most of us just can’t wait to bring out of hibernating in our closets. A perfect match for our Leaf Urban -- the smart jewelry piece women around the world have grown to love -- these summer dresses are stylishly simple, and oh so comfortable!


Bold in Colors 

Look bold in colors this summer with the sleek looks of Leaf Urban & Leaf Chakra adding an extra POP! to every outfit. Bright simple, colors will give you an upbeat look, and draw the eyes of those around you. It’s time to be bold, bright and highlight that beauty you already have.

  1. Ready for Business


White dress shirts

The must-have for every girl boss: a classic white button-up. This is one you really can’t go wrong with, as it will keep you looking professional while giving you all the accessory options there are. Pair your white shirt with a Leaf Chakra Power for a minimalistic look, or wear our wellness watch Time to keep yourself looking classy (and always on time!) ;)


Serious in Pink

Every business look is always better when you add a splash of pink to it. Style up your pink blazer by pairing it with a Leaf Chakra, and don’t forget your smart bottle Spring either -- it’s crucial to keep yourself hydrated during the summer, and Spring will remind you to take a sip between all those meetings.

  1. Casual Summer


Pastel Perfection

Has pastel ever gone out of fashion? The answer is -- no, it hasn’t! During summer we absolutely love wearing gentle, pastel colors and matching them with the feminine Leaf Chakra, which can be clipped or worn as a necklace. Add the Mala bead necklace into the mix and you have the complete pastel perfect outfit for the summer!


Cool in Stripes

Stripes are cool, and you know it! These summer dresses are made of light materials and with some light colored stripes, they stand out as a summer must-have. Wear your striped dress with Leaf Chakra for a relaxed feel, or add the Leaf Urban with a leather bracelet for a more luxurious look.

  1. Night Out


Sleek in Silk

Whether you want to feel like a dancing queen on the dance floor, or are just going out for a nice summer dinner, silk is the best answer. This light and breathable material will make you look fancy and light, while also helping you keep your cool during the hot summer nights. Pair it with one of our Leaf Chakra wellness trackers, and wear as a necklace for a classy touch.


It’s a Sparkly Summer

Summer wouldn’t be summer without some shine and sparkle. Our absolute favorite is always rose gold, as it gives a unique glow and accentuates your natural skin tone. The top smart accessory match for a classy and shiny evening look is our wellness watch Time -- besides looking sleek and elegant, it will keep track of your every dance move! ;)


When it comes to style, it’s always personal and it goes beyond just what you’re wearing -- it’s also your attitude, your confidence, and your personality. This all combines together to give each person their unique style. On the other hand, fashions change seasonally -- what was the trendy new thing a year ago, will likely lose its fashion impact by this year.

Whether being on top of trends is something you view important, or if you just like being in the know when it comes to what’s in season, you should never wear something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Your clothes don’t make you, they make what is inside of you shine out. Take these tips as inspiration for some fashionable summer outfits you can create but remember that while fashions change, your style is eternal.

Luckily, our smart accessories are made in a unique, modular & universal design, and will be the perfect match no matter what outfit you decide to wear!

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