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How to Prevent Your Nails from Breaking in the Cold

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How to Prevent Your Nails from Breaking in the Cold

With the return of the cold season, everything changes. Our clothes, skincare routine, diet, even our sleep habits (Daylight Saving Time- we’re looking at you). We make sure to adjust our routines to all these changes, but it seems we always miss one. We all experienced this at least once. You get a gorgeous manicure, feel pretty and satisfied, and the next day- your nail breaks.

We wondered why this seems to be a bigger issue during the winter so we took our time and compiled a list of a few simple steps you can do to take your nail game to the next level!


Never keep your nails naked

One of the main reasons our nails chip and break is that we keep them naked. Nail polish isn’t there only to make your nails pretty, but it also serves as a layer that protects them from environmental pollutants and temperature changes. As much as it may seem like a counterproductive thing to do, you may want to add that extra layer of nail polish. 


Avoid water

As mentioned in our yesterday’s blog post (which you can read here), long baths or hot water may not be your friend during the winter. Our nails are made out of keratin, a protein that builds hair, nails and protects your epithelial cells from damage and stress.  When soaked for a long time (10 minutes or more), your nails accumulate water, together with keratin. This makes them brittle and more prone to breakage, especially in cold weather. One easy step you can take to prevent this from happening is to ensure you cut down the time you spend in your shower- your skin will also thank you. 



When anyone mentions winter and cold, we all remember the same thing- it’s important to moisturize. But, did you ever think your nails need it too? Or your cuticles, to be precise.

On the market today, you can find more and more hand creams that are made specifically for adding moisture to your nails and making them healthier. Cuticle oils are on every corner and for a good reason! As the skin surrounding our nails is the only “live” part of it, we need to make sure it’s protected. During the colder months, a foolproof moisture strategy is to use hand lotion several times a day, especially after washing hands or getting them wet. In the afternoon, apply cuticle oil, and use thick hand cream at night. It will seal in the moisture and you’ll see the difference instantly!


Wear Gloves

Wear gloves

Wearing gloves makes your nail care much easier! They protect your hands and nails from temperature changes, moisture, and other harmful influences! Although we do war them in the cold, we sometimes forget to wear them at home. Dish soap or detergents can damage weeks of extensive nail care in just a few minutes! Make sure to place your gloves near the sink so it serves as a reminder! Don’t forget to wash them often as it’s important in preventing bacteria overgrowth! 


Take care from the inside


As much as we try to follow all these steps, sometimes it’s not enough. Genetics and lifestyle choices can significantly impact our nutritional balance and, as a consequence, our nails. 

Eating healthy and incorporating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial not only for our nails but for our overall health and immunity. If you don’t have access to fresh fruit and veggies, try supplementing with a good multivitamin or collagen to reap all the benefits they bring. 

Have you already tried these tips? Do you have your own that work? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and help us have the best nails this winter!

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