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How to Naturally Relieve Symptoms of a Cold

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In case you weren’t among the lucky ones who are still perfectly healthy in this varied weather, you most likely have a pack of tissues right next to you. 

Cold can sometimes make you bedridden for a few weeks in case it’s not taken care of properly as it easily complicates and can prolong the issues you’re already having. It almost always starts with a low fever and a cough and it ends up as sneezing, high fever, inflamed throat, and overall fatigue. 

In order to avoid any complications, it’s important to address your symptoms as soon as they appear. While cold remedies are almost as frequent as the cold itself, we decided to focus on the ones that can benefit you the most. 



1. Rest

Although this one may be obvious, we’re all guilty of thinking we can just walk it out. As the cold puts an immense pressure on our body and immune system, performing any activity just makes it harder for your body to handle it. Just imagine how difficult it must be for you to simultaneously fight an illness, cope with a fever and perform daily tasks which are sometimes hard by themselves. If possible, take a few days to rest once your symptoms become more difficult and focus on getting better. Work from home or take a day off if you can. If not, you just may prolong the sickness and end up spending more time home. 



Eat light food

2. Eat light food

As we mentioned previously, it’s important to help your body recover as much as you can and food plays an important role in it. Not only is it nutritionally valuable to help your body get the needed vitamins and minerals, but it also impacts how you will feel. If you eat heavy food focused on fried or oily meals, a lot of meat or processed foods, your body will have a harder time digesting it and will lose the much-needed energy on it, instead of focusing it on getting better. A great idea is to focus on leafy greens, lean meat, fruit salads and light soups- chicken, vegetable, bone broth. 



3. Focus on warm drinks

As you probably have a fever, it’s not uncommon to feel cold at all times, no matter how many blankets you’re under. As your body only takes external heat, it may need additional help. By drinking warm drinks (tea, soups) you’re not only ingesting the needed fluids, but you’re also helping your body warm up from the inside. After drinking just a few sips of warm tea, you’ll instantly feel better. Make sure to avoid putting sugar in it and, instead, replace it with honey.


4. Take care of your oral health

It may sound unusual, but in case you have a cold, you should take more care of your oral health. As sore throat is not uncommon when having a cold, it’s important to brush your teeth and floss often to avoid it becoming a more serious inflammation. In case you’re too unwell to brush your teeth, try using just a mouthwash that time as it can also help. Our mouth is the perfect environment for the bacteria to build up and start causing issues so it’s best to prevent it! And don’t forget about scrubbing your tongue!


5. Try a humidifier

In case your main problem is a persistent cough, the reason behind it may be the dryness of the air in your home. This problem is especially distinct during the winter as the heating in our apartment makes the air dry, which results in a more prominent cough. The easiest way to solve this is to turn the humidifier on when you’re at home! In case you don’t have a humidifier, placing a wet cloth over the radiator or any source of heat will evaporate the water and provide the much-needed moisture in the air. 

Do you have any extra tips to cope with this annoying cold? Let us know in the comments below :)

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