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How to Keep Your Privacy in the Digital Age?

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In today’s modern society, the definition of privacy has changed a lot from what it was in the past. Before the internet, social media, indefinite choice of applications you can download, keeping your privacy private could be a challenge but it was possible… Now, we’re sharing a lot more of ourselves with the world than we used to, without really being aware of it. So, the question that comes up is — is it actually by choice or lack of transparency? 

We often hear expressions such as ‘Sorry, that’s private.’ or ‘I’d like some privacy, please.’ and human beings tend to understand these expressions… but machines often don’t. You might be thinking to yourself, yes, but machines are run by humans so surely they understand the concept of privacy.

And you would be right, they do. What they often tend to neglect, however, is what this privacy entails, especially when it comes to making a profit. 

The problem is that many people don’t completely understand technology — they aren’t aware of what kind of data they’re sharing, or what can be told from it. Even smartphones nowadays track limitless details about you simply by having it on your person, daily such as your steps, your sleep, and if you have an Android phone and are connected to Google maps, the GPS on your phone will even keep accurate track of where you’re going throughout your day. Then there’s apps, that more often than not ask you to allow access while not exactly explaining what this access will include. 

So this brings the question, who can you trust?

Before downloading apps, or installing games and quizzes onto your Facebook account make sure you check who they’re by. As a recent scandal with the FaceApp has shown, we often don’t actually know who is behind the apps we’re using, what kind of data they’re actually collecting or what rights they have on them. There’s also been investigations done on various apps that track menstrual health and a surprising amount of them were sharing some data with third parties. 



Learning this can prove quite alarming, especially as the convenience of smart phones and other smart devices have made themselves almost irreplaceable in our daily lives.

So what can you do to protect the data you share? 

Read up on the brands you’re deciding to trust with your personal information and make sure they’re the type of brand that wouldn’t put profit above privacy. If you’re still unsure, contact the company’s support and ask on details how your data is being used to make sure there aren’t any small print stipulations you might have missed. 

You might be wondering why we’re talking about this particular subject. 

Well, perhaps you’ve already noticed, we’ve launched an exciting subscription service in our Bellabeat app, which, as one of the many perks, gives you access to a variety of wellness apps. Our goal is to provide women all the tools they need to gain overall insight into their well-being.

Due to recent public fear on data protection, we wanted to reassure you that at Bellabeat, we keep your privacy, private. By private, we mean that your data is not, and will never be shared with a third party. Your data is encrypted and you’re the sole proprietor of it. 



We process the accumulation of this data, completely anonymously, and provide this insight to our internal R&D (research & development) team only for the purpose of improving your experience. The aim is to improve current features based on needs and the usage of our users, as well as create additional features based on what we can tell is desired by our users or interests them. As the collected data is encrypted, it is only viewed in percentage and anonymously, so our internal R&D team won’t have any insight into the details of your data or any knowledge who it belongs to. 

You trust us, and we’re committed to keeping your trust. 

Considering our products, both physical and digital, and meant to help you improve your overall well-being, it’s important for us to ensure you’re comfortable sharing your lifestyle without fear or stress. You can take a detailed look at our privacy policy if you want to know exactly what data you share by using our apps. Our customer support is always here for you as well, in case you have any questions or concerns, please just reach out to them at We're here for you! 

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