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What Does it Mean to Be a Bella You

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What does beauty mean?

It seems that a lot of women end up judging their own beauty based on others, and more often than not, we judge our own beauty based on superficial characteristics deemed by society as beautiful.

As a women’s wellness brand… we’re so over that!

We want to reclaim the definition of beauty. Beauty is much more than just what someone looks like.

It’s who you are as a person that makes you beautiful. 

It’s the way you shine, from the inside, that makes you beautiful. 


And it’s time to highlight that!



We started by choosing a new tagline for our Leaf Crystal product launch





What does being a Bella you mean?

It means….

Being a kind you.

Being a brave you.

Being a curious you. 

Being a strong you.

Being an honest you.

Being a caring you.

Being an adventurous you.

Being a supportive you.

Being a vulnerable you.

Being a happy you.

Being a healthy you.



And the list goes on, and on because what we’re really trying to say is, just…

Be you.  

Who you are is beautiful, not what you look like. If you live your life without hurting others and living true to what you believe in, you’ll shine from the inside out. 

When you take care of yourself, your physical and mental well-being, you’ll automatically feel better about yourself, you’ll feel happier. 

We’ve always had the opinion that taking care of yourself and being confident in yourself is the key to leading a happier life. That’s why we’ve been dedicated to helping women reach their overall state of wellness, based on what that means for them — a personalized approach to being the best you that you can be. 



Taking care of your wellness is a journey that starts with just one step. 

The newest addition to our wellness tracking line, Leaf Crystal, was designed to make that step even more stylish and elegant. Combined with our Bellabeat+ subscription, we hope it will motivate and inspire you to reach your wellness goals, and...

Let your Bella You shine through. 

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