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How Social Pressure of Losing Weight Is Affecting Women

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How Social Pressure of Losing Weight Is Affecting Women

Do you remember the first time somebody told you that you should lose some weight? How old were you at the time? If your answer was below 10, you’re not alone. Today’s trends are showing an alarming difference in the age of women (and girls) when starting their first diet. 

Almost every magazine has a whole section of tips aimed exclusively at losing weight, getting thinner, firmer and supposedly “happier” after that. Although losing weight is not inherently bad, the assumption that everyone who is not a standard size is unhealthy-is. 

Do You See Yourself?

While the magazines still use the size 6 models for their covers, an average American woman now wears between 16 and 18, which is an increase from the previously believed size 14 as a standard. Over the years, we were able to see gorgeous supermodels walking the runway. Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum. All of them are, indisputably, beautiful women who worked hard to become who they are today and they were the “industry standard”.

At the time, it was impossible for a woman wearing a size 10 or 12 to walk a fashion show or be included in an editorial. 

This has now changed, and we’re responsible for it. 

More and more brands are calling for a better representation of women of all sizes in their clothing lines. If you watched New York Fashion Week just last year, you could see a number of plus-sized women of all ethnicities carrying out the show. This small step created public pressure toward other brands to be more aware of their potential market and make a change. 

Now more than ever, women realized that society shouldn’t control them and police their bodies! 

Society Should Never Be the Reason You Start a Diet. 

It’s wrong to think that every person dieting is doing it as a result of societal pressure.

Even today, obesity is a parallel issue impacting not only the US but the rest of the world. As a result, healthy living is getting more acknowledgment as an alternative to dieting.  We all have our reasons to do it. It could be high blood pressure, joint pain, overall fatigue or cardiovascular problems. What’s important is how we do it. 



If You Do It, Do It for Yourself

If You Do It, Do It for Yourself

Let’s say you decided to change your habits but don’t know where to start. What we sometimes forget is that exercise is not only meant for weight loss, but for our mental and physical wellbeing.  If you follow one of the most famous plus-size models- Ashley Graham, you can see that she works out almost every day- even now while being pregnant. She is one of the many who expressed publically that daily exercises help her be more productive, sleep better, feel more grounded and be happier. 


How We Can Help

Here at Bellabeat, our main mission is to help women become their best selves. We aim to inform, inspire and motivate women around the world to reach all of their goals. As each person is unique and different, a personalized approach is always the best solution, but sometimes, it can be costly and time-consuming. What if we told you we have a simpler solution?

After more than 5 years of researching and learning more about women with the help of our devoted users, we realized there’s one thing that connects us. What the majority of women aged 11-55 have in common is a menstrual cycle. Although it is commonly viewed as just a few days in the month, rather than a 28 days cycle that spans from puberty to menopause, and influences all aspects of our lives. What we decided to do is to welcome the menstrual cycle in its fullness and create a personalized approach around it. We can all relate to similar issues- it’s hard to exercise when you’re menstruating, PMS sometimes makes us break our regular healthy lifestyle or we’re simply more irritated during specific phases of our cycle.


We decided to embrace that. 

Instead of acting as nothing is happening, we’re making sure to motivate you or offer support and relaxation during that time. Instead of a hard workout, try stretching a bit. If you want something sweet, make sure to check our in-app blog for healthy, guilt-free recipes. Using the period data you input in the app, we’ll be able to know which part of the cycle you’re in and what your needs are. 

If your focus is anti-aging, weight loss or you have other goals, you can find detailed exercises and educational blog posts in the app- made just for you. See your sleep quality and know whether you will be more tired as the day goes or you’ll conquer the world. Know your daily activity when you want it without being burdened by the constant stats. 

Now imagine looking amazing while doing that. 

Fill out our Bellabeat Weightloss Quiz to get a customized weight loss plan catered to your abilities!

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