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How I Overcame Obstacles On My Way To A Healthier Lifestyle

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Hi, my name is Urška and I’m one of the two co-founders of Bellabeat.

“You might have seen me or my pups Punchi & Bella around on our Bellabeat social media profiles…”

To those of you who already know me and even took the time to reach out to us, I’d like to say a big thanks!

Your messages often made our day and pushed us forward when things were hard, but above all, you all contributed to what Bellabeat is today as a brand and have helped us develop and improve products that we can be proud of.

To those of you who are new to Bellabeat or haven’t had the chance to let us know how you feel about our company or our products, I’d like to say a warm welcome and invite you all to reach out to us at any time. On that note, I’d also like to introduce you all to our story and invite you to become a fully-fledged member of the Bellabeat family. After all, we’re all in this for the same cause; to be healthier and happier. It’s as simple as that.


Bellabeat was founded 4 years ago with (what at the time seemed) a simple mission - to change the way women access their health data and become actively engaged in improving their well-being. At the time, the ‘quantified self’ movement was just starting on the trajectory it is on today. But what bothered me the most personally, is how ugly and underperforming those products were. None of them appealed to me in design. None of them fit comfortably. All of them wanted me to have a tight butt (pardon my French) but none of them took into account the female-specific aspects of my health. You know, like probably one of the first health-related things ever to be curiously observed and quantified. The period. *gasp*

I’m not saying any of them weren’t intriguing though. Health has always been something that I consciously valued and nurtured. I was born a couple of weeks prematurely and that (or maybe it was just the gift of genetics), left me with a couple of autoimmune and allergy conditions. Nothing life threatening (very grateful for that) but just enough to cause discomfort if not properly “managed”.

My body has taught me, the hard way, to be conscious of what I eat, touch or even look at (or so it seems sometimes when I turn on the news). Also, suffering from a thing called atopic dermatitis, I don’t even have to DO any of those things to get punished for my carelessness. Sometimes the trigger comes from within me. Stress and stressful feelings can trigger major outbreaks. If I had a penny for every time my mom told me to “calm down and take care of myself” as advice on how to treat my problems, I’d be a billionaire by now. We all know that in the history of humankind no one has ever had a penny for “every time” or has calmed down by simply being told to do so, ESPECIALLY when it’s already too late and your body itches and burns all over. But nevertheless, in time I did learn how to value her advice, if only I had stuck to it religiously - preventively. Also, she should know something about the topic. After all she is a PhD Gynecologist and Perinatologist.  

The reason why I’m sharing all these personal details is to help you understand where my passion for women’s health, health tracking and DIY health management comes from and how I go about deciding what is important for us as a brand. During the very short time of my life I’ve learned to understand the importance of balancing my own mind, strengthening my body and developed ways to nurture my health as a whole. I’m extremely lucky to be born into an amazingly supportive family that has always helped me with advice and motivation and above all, gave me a good head start by raising me in a healthy and safe environment where being a woman was not a scary thing. I’m aware of the fact that not everyone is so lucky - that motivation and good advice are hard to come by and that health (body and mind) issues can be especially overwhelming for women.



Fast forward to present day at  Bellabeat, we are still on the same mission but now we know that it is much more complex than we could have ever anticipated. Merging all the ideas and solutions that we would like to offer to users in a few easy-to-use products is extremely hard. Developing innovative technology that is also likeable and practical is challenging. And staying positive every time something is not exactly as we imagined is almost impossible. But all of this is manageable because I strongly believe that we do have a positive impact on people’s lives and I continue to be lucky in that we’ve been able to build a team as tightly knit as a family. We all nurture the same values of trying hard, giving our best and above all doing good.

However, at the end of the day all our passion summarized, all our hard work done, and all our ideas implemented wouldn’t count for anything if it weren’t for all of you who support us and join us along the way with your own expectations and needs. Bellabeat would not be the brand we want it to be if we did not listen to our community. So, here is how we would like to include you even more and let others in the community hear your thoughts too, not just us.


I see the biggest value of Bellabeat to be our beautiful and thriving community of women that support and help each other on our journeys to well-being. We’ve all learned a lot while working on ourselves, and that knowledge is an extremely precious thing.

When shared, it can grow, expand and help everybody that it reaches.

That’s why we love working on our social media, blog and the Feel Good Sunday emails not just to share our point of view but to open up new channels where you, our valued customers, can reach out to us with your feedback and personal stories. I’d love to hear about what your personal struggles and journeys. What drives you? Why are you in this with us? How can we be there for you?

If you have a personal wellness story you’d like to share with our community on our blog, reach me at

We’d also love to see your stories on social media where you can connect with other Bellas by tagging us. We will re-share any piece of content that will help others grow, heal and develop a healthy relationship with themselves.

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