Bellabeat's Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Bellabeat's Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

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The Black Friday weekend tends to be a bit overwhelming... So much shopping to do, so little time. If you’re like us, you might be having a hard time deciding on what to buy (everything just looks so good!) and with prices so low, who can blame you?

Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

To help you with your decision, we made a quick 5 look gift guide for your holiday shopping spree!  


If you want a bit of glamour and luxury in your day, but still want something functional, you should meet LEAF CRYSTAL.


Created with Swarovski® crystals, this little gem is actually a wellness tracking powerhouse. Envisioned with a matching bracelet, the pair was created with over 400 Swarovski® crystals, for the ultimate glam wellness experience. It will monitor your activity, sleep, stress resistance, and more — making you shine inside and out.  




If you want to exercise your body AND your mind, then your must-have is LEAF CHAKRA.

Leaf Chakra is the perfect wellness tracker for the complete holistic approach to well-being. The true state of wellness can only be reached when you find the balance between your body and mind. That’s where Leaf Chakra comes in! This smart jewelry piece is enhanced with natural crystals which give it an extra dose of positivity and energy.

Leaf Chakra Love was designed with Rose Quartz which is said to enhance self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness.

Leaf Chakra Power was created with Onyx, a stone well known for cleansing negativity, increasing confidence, and helping de-stress. 



In case you like a minimalistic design, and versatility of wear, then your choice should be LEAF URBAN.

Leaf Urban will make you question why you ever wore jewelry that was just pretty when it could also be smart! It will blend into your lifestyle so effortlessly you'll only notice you're always wearing it because of all the compliments you'll be getting. By connecting to the Bellabeat app, you'll be able to always view your wellness insights and switch between 3 different ways to wear it. 

Its eye-catching design will make even you forget that you’re wearing a wellness tracker. Whether you’re rushing to the gym, running after your kids, or simply going through your busy day, you’ll always have the option to switch out between the necklace, clip, and bracelet for the ultimate ease of use.

Get Leaf Urban now



Or maybe, you want to avoid those dehydration headaches and reap some hydration benefits… Then you really need to meet SPRING.


This smart water bottle quickly became an absolute hit with women around the world! Who knew hydration was such a game-changer? Well, we did and we knew we had to share our knowledge! There’s no point in just drinking when you’re thirsty - thirst means you’re already starting to dehydrate! Spring is not only stylish — it will also calculate your ideal hydration goal, log every sip you take and remind you to stay regularly hydrated. Trust us, after a month you’ll see the benefits with your own eyes! 

Get Spring now


If you really want a stylish wellness tracker, but just can't go without your classic wristwatch... Time was made for you!

There's nothing quite like it when a timeless classic meets modern technology... This is exactly what our stylish hybrid wellness watch is made of! With its classic design, it appears (and functions!) like just a regular watch, but underneath that minimalistic exterior is the wellness tracker from your dreams. It monitors your activity, sleep, menstrual cycle, and stress resistance — all while making sure you're not late to your next appointment. What could be better? 


Get Time now


We hope this short gift guide helped you with you choices in choosing the gift of wellness for yourself, or your loved ones! 


Happy shopping!

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