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Higher Self vs. Ego: What’s the Difference?

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Many ancient and contemporary spiritual teachings contain a concept often referred to as “Higher Self”, “Transcendental Self”, or “Divine Self”. 

These terms are on their way of becoming part of our everyday vocabulary due to a great rise in interest in spirituality. But what exactly is the Higher Self?

Higher Self is a part of Self that is inherently connected with the Divine. 

Because of this deep-rooted kinship, Higher Self has access to ultimate truths and universal laws. When we say that we can “sense” something but don’t have any proof to support our claim (at least not at that moment), we are in fact expressing our subconscious knowledge of higher truths. 

Mindfulness unlocks this realm of higher truths for us and connects us with our Divine Selves.

Higher Self vs. Ego

Higher Self is contrasted with Ego. 

While Higher Self belongs to a non-physical, transcendental realm, our Ego is attached to the physical world and is limited by our five senses. 

Ego perceives the truth as that which can be reached through sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. 

Higher Self doesn’t depend on physical presence to recognize something as true. 

Practicing mindfulness through, for example, meditation and yoga, helps us in acknowledging our existence as spiritual beings and thus contributes to the attention we pay to the intuitive principles.


Ego Talk vs. Higher Self Talk

Reconnecting with our Higher Selves will ultimately cause a great shift in our default mindset. 

Ego is full of limiting beliefs and is always focused on fulfilling its own needs. Ego will make us believe that we always need more or need to be more because its hunger is never satisfied. 

Higher Self, on the other hand, knows that we were brought into this world with everything we will ever truly need. Whatever we get our hands on along the way is just a bonus. Since Higher Self knows that it belongs to the transcendental realm, there is no worry about that which belongs to the material realm. 

When we connect with our Higher Selves, our mindset becomes more positive, while simultaneously becoming more powerful. There’s no self-doubt, no shame, no resentment. 

So what are some concrete differences between these two mindsets? 

Ego: I hate when bad things happen to me.

Higher Self: I'm grateful for my hardships because they allow me to grow. 

Higher Self knows that every difficult situation we go through is for our own benefit. Without them, we would never have an opportunity to develop ourselves and to broaden our horizons beyond what we already knew. 

Ego is pleasure-oriented and values only those circumstances that will allow him to meet his needs. 

Ego: I can’t endure the suffering any longer. 

Higher Self: I have the strength to surmount all obstacles presented to me.


While Ego worries about whether hardships can be overcome, Higher Self is certain that it came into this world with all the tools it will ever need. 

Ego experiences anxiety and fear because of its detachment from the universal realm. It is threatened by all difficulties encountered in the corporeal dimension, while Higher Self knows itself to be indestructible. 

Ego: I am utterly worthless.

Higher Self: I am doing my best and that is always enough.

Higher Self experiences Divine love every second of the day and is aware that the Divine resides within all beings. 

There is no need to prove yourself to the world if you are in touch with your Higher Self because you know that you are so much more than your career or material possessions. Ego, on the other hand, feeds off worldly recognition and will always depend on others’ approval. 


Destruction of Ego Equals Peace

Only by letting our Ego die can we truly accept the world as it is and be at peace with our position in it. 

There will always be suffering in the world. Difficulties will continually arise throughout our material lives. There’s no escaping that. 

The difference is in our personal perspective of our experience. 

By realizing that we are more than our flesh, we acknowledge the universal truth that most of us already “sensed” in our childhood, and that is that we are indestructible. However, we no longer believe this because we are naïve, but because we know ourselves as first and foremost Divine beings who came from and will return to the non-physical realm.

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