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Happy World Self Love Day!

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Happy World Self Love Day!There are so many days dedicated to the love we have for others - from our moms, dads, amazing women in science, beloved pets to the love holiday of the year - Valentine’s day. With so much love to give, we forgot about the most important day of the year - Self Love Day! 

February 13th has been known as the day on which we show our love to - ourselves! In the age where feeling bad is the backbone of the economy, loving yourself is an act of rebellion. 

Let yourself be YOU, come to terms with your flaws and insecurities and appreciate everything your body and mind have done for you so far. Try these small steps and make February 13th the best day of the year. 



1. Treat yourself

Start your day right. Take your time and prepare an amazing breakfast or take yourself out to eat. Relax and enjoy your favorite meal. It’s been proven food can make us feel better - so why not use it? Take this time to take your mind off any concerns you have and start fresh. 

2. Meditate

Use this time to be present, caring and at ease of your worries. On this day you should reflect on everything that’s happened in your life, good and bad and find something to learn from every situation. Thank yourself for the amazing things you’ve accomplished and use them to motivate you moving forward. 

3. Spend quality time

Whether you’d prefer to be alone or with your loved ones, this is the day to do what you wish. Go to the park, take a walk or visit that favorite restaurant of yours. This will help you recharge and finish the week in a good mood. If you prefer to have some time to yourself, take a bath, add some hydrating bath salts, a sheet mask on your face and enjoy, you deserve it!

With Valentine’s day being so close, we tend to think more about everything we want to give to others than what we should do for our wellbeing. Give yourself the gift of compassion, care, understanding and gratitude (or that amazing purse you’ve been eyeing for a while)!

Happy World Self Love Day!

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