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Calorie Slashing Food Swaps

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Little things often turn out to be big things, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. If you want to reduce your calorie intake and speed up your journey, it’s the thing that can make all the difference. With these food swaps, you’ll find yourself losing weight without dieting!


Eggs instead of egg sandwich

Egg sandwiches are delicious, but the empty carbs that go with them will not leave you feeling full. If you swap your egg sandwich for a nice, veggie-filled omelet, you’ll not only take in fewer calories, but you’ll get a longer-lasting energy boost and have fewer cravings during the day. 



Plain yogurt with fresh fruit instead of fruit yogurt

Store-bought fruit yogurts usually have more sugar than it does fruit. If you want real fruit in your yogurt, opt for plain yogurt and add fresh fruit. It’s a much healthier choice with fewer calories. For a fuller meal, add some muesli or rolled oats and you’re good to go.



Spinach instead of iceberg lettuce

Spinach instead of iceberg lettuce

How can a salad be a bad choice? It can’t, but iceberg lettuce really doesn't have many nutritional benefits.  Spinach, on the other hand, is full of iron, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A and C, which your body needs to keep your metabolism in tip-top shape. It’s not a critical swap, but it still is useful.


Potato salad instead of french fries

Choosing a side dish is important, so if you’re going for potatoes, go for potato salad. Chilled potatoes pack a lot of resistant starch - sometimes called the third starch, which is not absorbed in the small intestine, making you eat less and feel fuller longer. Use mustard in place of mayo to cut even more calories.



Almonds instead of snack bars

Almonds instead of snack bars

We know the snack bar (protein bar, meal replacement bar) says it has almonds in it, but it also has a lot of high-fructose corn syrup or other added sweeteners. Instead of going for a quick fix with a snack bar, have a handful of almonds.

If you’re taking care of your weight and calorie intake, make sure to try these swaps and let us know if you liked them in the comments below. 

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