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8 Steps of Self Care

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8 Steps of Self CareTaking care of ourselves should be one of the main, if not the most important things in our life. But it is also one of the things we take for granted the most. Too often we get lost thinking about everyone else that we forget that the core of caring about others is being mindful of ourselves, our needs and feelings. Our own wellbeing impacts everything in our daily living - from our productiveness, energy, relationships we have and even our sex life.  

We all sometimes fall into an emotional slump - have a hard time getting stuff done, feel tired and lack the motivation to perform even the simplest tasks in life. It’s normal! With all this in mind, we know it is important to care for it, but we sometimes have a hard time knowing what steps to take to make it better!

Well, think no more as we prepared 8 amazing steps so you can get on a new level of self-care!

 1. Enjoy your breakfast

We’re all guilty of skipping breakfast when we’re on the run. But more often than not, we do have some time to come up with an easy breakfast. It can be overnight oats prepared the night before or a fast omelet made in less than 5 minutes - whisk 3 eggs and add some tomatoes, pepper, feta cheese, and spices, put in a pan, cover and it’s done in 3-4 minutes! Who says it can’t be done? If you’re too busy during the week, try having a relaxing breakfast on the weekend and enjoy it! 


2. Skip that meeting

We all secretly love canceling plans. And no, it’s not that big of a deal! You don’t have to be present everywhere! As there are only 24 hours in a day, plans can change and you have the right to cancel that dinner you’ve agreed to, after work drinks or that Saturday morning brunch you’d rather sleep through. You’re more important than your to-do list, so make sure to consider your wellbeing as a priority!



3. Move more

Exercise has many proven benefits we all know, but it is also a great tool to start putting yourself first, even when you don’t feel like it. Invest just 2% of your day (30 mins) and take a walk. Put your earphones in and relax, breath and think only about yourself and your needs. 

Make it a regular thing, use this time to go to the store, pick your child up from the kindergarten/school and just spend some quality time in the outdoors. With warm weather coming, you can use it to your advantage and increase your Vitamin D levels by being in sunlight a bit more!

4. Change your beauty routine

Is your makeup taking too long in the morning? Or do you want to spice it up?

Simple changes in your beauty routine can make such a positive impact on your overall wellbeing and confidence. Whether you decide to skip those extra steps in the morning or use different brushes, you’ll find out something new. Try out that new eyeshadow or that bright red lipstick, you’ll see the change immediately! 

5. Make small changes

Make one small change in your habits for a week. It can be focused on eating more greens (hello broccoli!) or using a different route back home. Whichever you choose, stick to it and see the difference in how you feel! It doesn’t have to be major but you can form a new and healthy habit without batting an eye!



6. Automate it

With robots being everywhere around us, it’s time we start making use out of them. Try to automate some things in your daily routines and save time! Robotic vacuum cleaners have never been more affordable and reliable. No more worrying about your floors when you have guests coming over, simply activate your vacuum through an app and come back to a squeaky clean home! This also applies to simpler tasks such as washing the car or taking care of your lawn. There’s surely a kid next door who can use a few $ and you’ll have an evening for yourself! 



Have an at-home spa experience

7. Have an at-home spa experience

Grab a few sheet masks on your way home and treat yourself to a home spa experience. Cleanse your skin, put some serum and have a short face massage. Relax in your bathtub with a face mask on and turn on the meditations from your Bellabeat app. Use this time to let go of anything hampering you and recharge. Finish with a nice body scrub and dive into fresh sheets. What an amazing way to end a long and exhausting day!

8. Catch up 

Have a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Or do you and your bestie just have the worst schedules and never have time for each other? Reach out and schedule a day just for the two of you in advance. Book a spa, massage or simply have drinks at that place you’ve been wanting to visit. Make sure all of your tasks have been done by then and relax!

We hope these tips will help you achieve the most caring version of yourself. Make a step towards a better you and see the difference!

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