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8 Amazing Color Combinations for Impactful Summer Outfits

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Summer, summer, summer — everyone is talking about summer!

We’re sure you’ve already started digging through your closet searching for those hidden pieces of summer clothes you discarded a little less than a year ago. Short shirts, shorts, skirts, long dresses… you probably have at least one piece of each, and if you don’t you might just end up buying one before the summer ends. With all those awesome clothes, what can prove hardest is matching the perfect pieces together. Everyone knows the basic color combinations that go together without thinking twice, but summer is the best time to be bold with your color choices and try something new!


Take a look at our top pics for this summer color combinations:

The perfect color clash for a refreshing look — think tropical sand beach and gorgeous blue ocean vibes. If you’ve been shying away from this particular color combination, there’s no better time to try it out than the summer of 2019.  An absolute hit for the summer season are flower patterns on light dresses, so if you manage to find a piece that combines all of this into one stunning summer outfit grab it while you can because you’ll regret it if you don’t!  

Two strong colors that look absolutely great together especially for turning some heads and making an impact during summer events. Red pants and a yellow tunic or dress are the perfect examples of how well these colors can mesh together. You’ll end up looking effortlessly stylish and pleasantly surprise others with your bold choice.

Bright like the sun! You can’t go wrong with mixing white and yellow fabrics. White is the ultimate trend for 2019, and notes of yellow give you an air of positivity perfect for attracting those summer vibes. A flowy yellow skirt and a light white shirt are perfect for bringing some sunshine into those slightly colder summer nights.     

This color combo is such a refreshing summer look you won’t regret trying it out and you probably have everything you need for this look in your closet already. Whether it's a longer striped dress, a combination with blue pants and a white shirt, or maybe a white skirt and blue shirt either way you can’t go wrong! Whenever you wear this color combo you’re giving off some major summer vibes.


Even though it’s hotter outside, you can’t go wrong with black, and matching it with the feminine coral gives it a slightly brighter, summer look. The coral can be just a slight detail such as flowers on a dress, or you could match some black pants with a gorgeous coral shirt whatever you combine, with these two colors you’ll look fabulous.

We love coral during the summer! It’s such a bright and gentle color by itself, but no matter what you match it with, it ends up giving quite the impact. Recently one of our favorite colors to match coral with is teal! It just gives off such a bright, beachy vibe and simply screams summer. If you have a dress with this exact color combo, well, it’s time you put it to good use! Naturally, you can also match individual coral or teal pieces to create a stunning summer look.  


It’s all peachy during the summer! The color of peach gives a perfectly refreshing for summer, especially with all those gorgeous tans we’re doing our best to get. It highlights your gorgeous skin tones and mixed with white makes you look positive and bright. You can use this gorgeous combo for a stylish bathing suit, or combine them through a stylish outfit, for example, white linen pants and a peach-colored shirt.


Be the lady in red this summer, for an elegant look others won’t be able to turn their eyes away from. Add some white details, such as a flower pattern, or white bag with your favorite red dress, or maybe even an impactful red shirt with a pair of white pants. Be creative, you can’t go wrong with these two colors!

We hope these stylish outfits and color combinations will give you some summer inspiration! Don’t feel pressured to try something if it doesn’t fit your style, but also don’t be afraid of trying something you might like because you feel it won’t suit you. Style is personal, and no one can tell you what to wear except for you.

Use these tips as guidelines, remember to be bold, and get creative!

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