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5 Ways to Be More Productive While Working from Home

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5 Ways to Be More Productive While Working from Home

For a great number of us, working from home is a new reality due to the coronavirus quarantine and we feel the challenges it carries along. The coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally changing the way we work, socialize and operate our business. From CEOs to customer support, we’re all adjusting to the new way of work imposed not only by the government but employers as well. 

Here at Bellabeat, we took precautions early on — from providing disinfection and masks to fully operating remotely to ensure our health as well as the health of our families, friends and everyone surrounding us. As well as everyone else in this situation, we experience new challenges associated with being away from our teams and being productive in our home environment. Unlike many other organizations, we had an amazing communication culture that allowed us to switch to a fully online presence in a matter of days without sacrificing our work, but many other companies didn’t have the resources to do the same and are still adjusting to this extraordinary situation.

If you’re faced with working from home for the first time, you’re not alone and we’re here to help. These are our 5 proven tips on how we managed to stay productive while working from the safety of our homes. 



 1. Start your day right 

Although it sounds compelling to wake up 5 minutes before your shift starts, it’s not the best choice in the long-run. Your body has its own biorhythm adjusted to your usual working hours and it’s what keeps you productive during the workday. Make sure to wake up at least 45 minutes before starting your shift and spend that time preparing breakfast and getting ready for the day. Do your usual pre-work morning routine as you’d do if you were working from the office. 

2. Dress accordingly 

Although it sounds amazing to wear your pajamas the whole day, changing into your daily clothes keeps you in routine and helps you manage your day. These simple steps following your morning routine will help you be more awake and alert when your shift starts. 

3. Don’t forget to move 

Unless you’re experiencing a complete lockdown, use your break and take a short 15-minute walk outside. It will make you more alert, keep you active and reduce the strain on your eyes from looking at the screen for hours at the time. 

4. Stay in touch 

If you’re leading a team or have a group of colleagues working on the same project, ensure you’re all in the loop. Have daily virtual meetings either in the morning, to delegate the tasks or during the day to be up to date with the current progress. Be diligent, track progress and take responsibility. Send weekly reports of the progress made to other teams involved and enforce company culture, even when working from home. This will help you distinguish work from private time and divert you from working and being available the whole day. Although you’re home, you should still work your regular hours (unless agreed upon differently).  

Stay Focused

5. Stay focused 

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused as you’re working from your private space and your brain is pre-programmed to think that’s the place where you relax, especially if you haven’t worked from home before. It’s easy to get distracted by your TV, social media, household members or others and there are some things you have to change. 

Make sure to find a quiet place where you can sit and work. It can be your bedroom, kitchen, living room or other, but it’s important you have a comfortable place to sit. It is compelling to work from your bed, but sadly, it wouldn’t be unusual to experience back problems pretty soon after. Clean your working space and remove the items that can divert your attention. You’ll soon figure out which those are and that’s okay, you’ll learn with time. 

Take care of your body too!

  • Make sure to stand up every hour or so and walk around your apartment.
  • Drink enough water — your Spring bottle is here to remind you.
  • Take care of your eyes — look in the distance for 20 seconds every 20 minutes!
  • Eat healthy — your body needs proper nutrition.
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