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5 Fresh Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

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Making healthy choices when pregnant is a crucial step for soon-to-be moms. A nutritious diet is an essential part of keeping your body healthy and functioning and is especially important during specific stages of life- pregnancy, breastfeeding or preparing for a pregnancy. The food you eat will not only help your baby grow and develop but will also help you manage your symptoms, sleep better and give you more strength to live your days to the fullest and prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy! 

When talking about pregnancy nutrition, it’s not uncommon to hear that pregnant women Eat for two. Well, that’s not really the case. During the first 6-7 months of your pregnancy, your calorie intake should stay the same as it was before you got pregnant-around 2000 calories a day. It’s important to note that, if you were on a specific weight-loss diet before, make sure to consult your physician about continuing it as it may no longer be appropriate for you! In the last 2-3 months of your pregnancy, you can eat slightly more as your calorie needs rise for approximately 350 calories per day and are responsible for the growing fetus and its development. 

Many people already know that fresh fruit and vegetables are beneficial to your overall health, but some foods can actually help you minimize your pregnancy symptoms, give you more energy and help you manage your weight. Make sure to check out the list below and put them on your next grocery shopping list!


1. Pomegranates

Although sometimes messy to clean, pomegranates could easily be called a super-fruit. One cup has 7 grams of fibers, important for ensuring proper digestion and more than 30% of your daily needs (RDI) for vitamin C and K. It also contains 16% RDI of folates, which help with the development of your baby.

According to a study published in the American Physiological Society journal, consuming pomegranate juice during the pregnancy resulted in less oxidative stress injuries to the placenta, making it a helpful tool in managing your pregnancy. 



2. Avocados

Already a cult favorite, avocadoes are an amazing source of healthy fats and vitamins. Even though almost 70% fat, they’re recommended to everyone! The fat avocado is made out of is oleic acid, also found in olive oil, which has many proven health benefits. 100 grams (3.5 oz) of avocado also contains 15% of your recommended intake of potassium, the nutrient responsible for keeping cramps at bay!



3. Green vegetables

Broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and other dark-green vegetables should be a must-have in your kitchen. In case your doctor diagnosed you with anemia (low iron levels) or if you had issues with your iron levels before pregnancy, your focus should be on eating them as much as you can. During pregnancy, your blood volume increases by almost 50% so your body needs to produce more red blood cells, and iron is there to help! Green vegetables, such as those mentioned above provide adequate nutrition to your body, making you less prone to any complications that come with low-iron levels.



4. Oranges 

Filled with vitamin C, they help build your immunity making you less susceptible to viruses and illnesses. Among many health benefits oranges have, they’re also 90% water and rich in fiber that will help you meet your daily hydration needs as well as aid in digestion. Make sure not to go overboard, as they also contain high levels of fructose - fruit sugar that can raise your blood glucose levels. 


5. Figs

Although one of the most overlooked fruits when talking about nutrition, figs should be a staple in your kitchen. With a whopping 5 grams of fiber and 1000 milligrams of calcium in just one serving, they are one of the most calcium-rich ingredients you can find. They’re also filled with iron and vitamin K, crucial for your baby’s development. If you’re unable to find fresh figs in your local store, opt for dried ones  just make sure they don’t have any added sugar. As well as oranges, be mindful of your portions.

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