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4 Powerful Stages of Self Love

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4 Powerful Stages of Self Love

Self-love is not just a feeling, it’s a mindset that guides us through life. It’s a state of appreciation and gratitude towards your body, soul and facilitates your spiritual, physical and emotional growth. Self-love helps us accept our flaws, weaknesses and hard times and use them to find the motivation to keep on going without hard feelings and regret and live our lives to the fullest. 

Often we think about our thoughts as something that comes upon us as a result of external stimuli, but the truth is that we’re the ones processing the information and understanding it in our personal way. If that’s true, can the change in our way of thinking change how we understand ourselves and the world around us?

The answer is Yes!  

By re-wiring our brain into a different mindset, we can learn to think differently and feel better, while still being realistic and present in the now. As this is a topic dear to us, we compiled a list of simple steps that can help us think differently and act differently as a result!

1. Define your struggles

A journey to self-love starts by acknowledging what you believe are your flaws and insecurities. We all have something we’re conscious about, whether it’s a physical characteristic or a part of our character. Once we know what our concerns are, we can start changing the way we think of them. 

Forgive yourself. You may not have always been kind to your body, to yourself or your mind, but that shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. Be transparent with yourself, see which mistakes you might’ve made in the past and put them behind you. Try to track your insecurities and learn where they come from. Was it an event in your past? A memory you’d rather not think about it? Knowing the cause helps you change your habits and come to terms with the current status. Your past doesn’t define your today. 



2. Set a self-love routine

Loving yourself is not always easy and it doesn’t come in a day. Sometimes it’s a process that requires us to purposely lift ourselves and persuade into thinking differently. 

There’s something amazing about yourself that you can see and make a focus when thinking about who you are. Say it to yourself! I am beautiful!  

It may seem like a cliche now, but it’s been proven to have an impact on your self-confidence over time. Make it into your own ritual and take some time every day to give yourself some well-deserved praise. Find something your proud about, thankful for or excited to achieve in the future and focus on it when thinking of yourself. You’ll be surprised how fast your “flaws” will be forgotten. 



3. Change the language

We’re all guilty of talking down on ourselves from time to time and it has a shocking impact on our wellbeing. When we practice negative speech, we’re not only showing others how they can talk about us, but are subconsciously lowering our self-esteem and making it harder to feel good about all the amazing features we have. It’s time to stop! 

Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positive side of yourself. Instead of saying “I’m not good enough for this” - say  “I’ve shown I can rise to the occasion”. You never know what your limits are until you cross them!

Reflect on Who You Are - and Who You Will Become

4. Reflect on who you are - and who you will become

Whenever we focus on improving ourselves, we rarely think about the progress we’ve made along the way and that is why most of us don’t reach our goals. 

It’s hard to focus on the goal when it seems so far away, but the best way we can do it is to be thankful for the progress you achieved so far. 

Look at yourself! You’ve come such a long way, accomplished many thinks and survived even your darkest moments. It takes a lot of strength to do it! 

Be proud, just imagine what you can do in the future with all the knowledge and experience you have to this day. The world IS your oyster!

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