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3 Tips to Leave Your Past Behind

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3 Tips to Leave Your Past Behind


Remember that time in high school when somebody made fun of your hair? Or your body, teeth, skin? Yeah, we all know the feeling. And it doesn’t feel good. For some of us, that was the first time we became conscious that our body is different from somebody else’s and that we should feel “bad” because we don’t fit the standard. Looking back on it now, in our 20s, 30s or 40s, it may seem like not a big deal as we understand that our body is perfect the way it is, but for some of us, it created a scar that was responsible for many, many insecurities in the upcoming years. For others, it can still have an impact today, more than 10 years after. 

While we all share similar experiences, it’s interesting to see how some of us managed to let them go and leave them behind, while some still bare the consequences of that reckless statement made by a highschool colleague or a random person online. And while everyone says “Just rise above it” sometimes that’s just not as simple as it may seem. 

We know it’s hard. We’ve been through it. We’re sharing our tips on how we moved forward and became confident, happy and self-loving women we are today! 



1. Rethink the situation

While it still may be difficult to think about it, you’re a new person now and that moment cannot harm you anymore. Try viewing the same thing from your perspective as a person who you are today. Do you know why they said it? Were they also insecure or was it their coping mechanism? Or were they simply being rude to feel better about themselves? Maybe they had other problems in their lives, especially if it happened when you were a child. Whichever reason it might be, you have the right to feel angry, sad and hurt. But you’re you today not despite, but in spite of it. 

2. Know your potential

Think about how your past experiences made you into a person you are today. Have you learned something from them? For some, past experiences can really be a great learning point as we can use the emotion we have and convert them into fuel to push us forward. Not all of us have the same 24 hours in the day to achieve our goals, but we can all work to reach our ceilings. Are you happy with who you are? Do you know which areas you’d like to improve? Start there and move forward!

3. Learn what’s important

When you’re thinking about the past it’s easy to get stuck there and make it more important that it is. If you find yourself getting upset over it, you’re giving it more value than it may have. 

Take your time and reevaluate your needs. Is that something that is most important at this stage of your life? Is it possible to think about it in a different light? 

Focus on how you can help yourself from this moment onward. You cannot change your past, but you can use it to have a better future. 

Leaving your past behind is hard and is a long process, but now it’s the time to start! Share your experience below and focus on loving yourself! 

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