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3 Tips for Pregnancy Sex

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3 Tips for Pregnancy Sex

Sex is a natural and normal part of life, even when you’re pregnant. And whoever tells you you’re not supposed to have it (other than your OB-GYN) is probably  not right!

Whenever sex comes in the spotlight, it’s not uncommon for it to be seen as something difficult, unappealing or not meant to even be happening, especially if we’re talking about pregnancy sex, period sex or any form other than the “standard” one. Due to this isolation, you’re probably gonna be spending more time with your loved one than usual so don’t be scared to be more intimate. 

You’re pregnant for 9 months  how can anyone expect you to not have sex for that long?


What to know before you have sex?

Here at Bellabeat, we care about women during all stages of their life, including pregnancy so we decided to give you some tips on how to make it more enjoyable at this phase of your life!

Before we dive into the tips, it’s important to you talk to your gynecologist about whether you’re allowed to have sex (and orgasm) during your pregnancy. Some women have high-risk pregnancies in which sex is forbidden to avoid premature labor or other complications. In case you’re unsure, consult your physician and make sure to get their confirmation before starting this endeavor. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can proceed with caution, make sure to continue reading and spice up your love life. 

1. Make sure you’re both interested

You may not be the only one feeling scared or uncertain about having sex while you’re pregnant. It’s not uncommon for your partner to avoid intercourse due to the fear of hurting you, or the baby. Make sure to talk to him/her and explain the instructions given by your doctor. As the baby is more than secure in your uterus, penetrative sex cannot hurt it, even during the last few weeks of the pregnancy. 

If you’re having a hard time relaxing, try something different  sex is not only penetration. Kissing, massages or oral are all types that you can try to feel more intimate with your partner. This is new for everyone involved and it’s time to learn and bond together again. 


2. Change the pose

After only a few months of the pregnancy, you may realize the poses you tried before are no longer working for you. In the first few months, you can try being on top as this helps you regulate the depth, intensity, and pace that can cause some discomfort. By the end of your pregnancy, it’s not recommended to lay on your back due to the weight of the belly pressing down on your diaphragm, making it harder to breathe. Opt for side-by-side penetration as it relieves the stress on your back and hips and also allows you to support your belly and stimulate your clitoris. 


3. Know when not to do it

Although it’s recommended to have sex as a way of speeding up the labor, it’s important you know when to stop doing it. It is generally advisable to have sex until your mucus plug is expelled. The mucus plug serves as a barrier between the uterus and the vagina and is located in your cervix to protect the baby from infections coming from the vagina. While it’s in, there’s no need to worry about infections passing through it, but once it’s expelled, the risk is higher. Let’s face it, your contractions will most likely start a few hours after it and you’ll no longer feel like having sex.

When it comes to protection, it’s up to you. If you have a long term partner and both of you have tested for STDs, you can choose not to wear condoms. But if you have multiple partners or haven’t been tested recently, it may be best to continue using them, for your own protection. 

Make sure to enjoy this time of your life and prepare for your little bundle of joy! 

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