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10 Hottest Wellness Trends This Fall

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Every new season brings spicy new wellness trends, and we never seem to get enough of discovering exciting ways of practicing some good old-fashioned self-care.

During the summer, we were crazy about plant-based meat alternatives, spending more time in nature, and using essential oils for relaxation. We loved all of it, but we’re ready to say goodbye and prepare for the fall.

So, what wellness trends do we consider badass this season?

1. Face Yoga

Face yoga is the latest trend many women are head-over-heels for. A few simple exercises can help you fight gravity by toning your facial muscles and preventing sagging. Who needs botox anymore?

2. CBD

Cannabidiol(CBD) is not marijuana. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, CBD is one of the components of marijuana but won’t get you high. It might, however, reduce pain and anxiety and help us combat insomnia.

3. Minimalism

Less is more, and that’s especially true this fall, as downsizing has never been more popular. Whether it’s your closet, to-do list, or your social circles - decluttering is definitely in.

4. Health Tourism

Health tourism allows us to combine two of our priorities, health and travelling. While many of us simply enjoy discovering new wellness trends in other countries, others travel to get medical treatments at a lower price.

5. Non-Dairy Milks

The market is flooded with tasty alternatives to dairy milk, and we want to try them all. Oat, soy, or almond milk are just some of the plant-based replacements for your typical cow’s milk that might be heavy on the stomach.

6. Sustainable Fashion

The newest fashion is being environmentally friendly by buying second-hand clothes or choosing brands that adopted more ethical & green practices. Remember, being conscientious never goes out of style.

7. Unplugging

Escape the always-connected world and reconnect with yourself and others in real life instead by making a conscious decision to unplug. Everyone is doing it, so don’t miss out!

8. Stress-free Living

We’re finally ready to say goodbye to the rat race and turn to a more stress-free living. Creating a calm and spacious state of mind seems to be our number one priority this fall, so get ready to get relaxing!

9. DIY, All-Natural Skincare Routine

Ditch your over-the-counter skincare products that may contain nasty chemicals such as carcinogens and replace them with all-natural ones you make yourself. Just educate yourself on what’s suitable for your skin first!

10. At-Home Workout

No longer do we have an excuse for not exercising, as at-home workouts become the newest hit. It’s a great alternative to overpriced gym memberships and an easy way to squeeze some fitness into your schedule..

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