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Working Out: How Long Does It Take To See Results?

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The most common reason for quitting exercising routine is the discouragement that comes when you don’t see the expected results. However, the cause for disappointment by the lack of results is frequently the lack of patience to achieve them. To ensure that you stick to a consistent workout routine, you must first set realistic expectations. 

The Main Factor

You may feel your mood and energy levels soaring just a few minutes into an exercise routine. Still, to strengthen bones and improve cognitive health, it will take a lot more than only a short treadmill session. 

Anywhere between a few weeks to a few months of consistent workout is required for seeing a visible boost in your health and fitness. It’s unrealistic to expect to notice a significant drop in weight or increase in muscle build-up after a single week of exercise.

The type of workout that you engage in will also dictate the time needed for achieving your fitness goals. With that being said, here’s an overview of how long it takes to see the first results for a particular workout type.

Cardiovascular Exercise 

Cardiovascular exercise or aerobics will increase your heart rate through the combination of three components: duration, intensity, and frequency. Such activities are beneficial for increasing metabolic rate, giving the body the ability to burn calories even while at rest. 

A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in July 2018 looks into the effectiveness of aerobic exercises. The study involved a group of physically inactive people that were required to engage in high-intensity interval training. Within two weeks, researchers noticed that the group experienced improved heart health by measuring their heart rate. 

Weight Lifting Exercises 

According to an exercise physiologist, Len Kravitz, Ph.D., when it comes to strength training, we tend to see results within a few weeks. More specifically, strength gains will first be observable within at least three or four weeks of exercising due to neural adaptations. Len Kravitz continues to state that you shouldn’t stop after you experience the initial strength gains. That is because your body needs time to adapt to the new stimulus. If you stick to a consistent workout routine, you will secure long-term results that should be noticeable after two months. 

Cardiovascular Exercises and Strength Training 

Combining cardio exercises with strength training has been found to increase results tremendously. A study published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science in the year 2017 focused on studying the improvement of cardiovascular fitness. In the study, the researchers involved obese or overweight individuals and had them engage in both cardio exercises and strength training. The set time frame was 24 weeks, within which the researchers noted that combining both types of workouts produced the desired results. 

In conclusion, the time it takes you to see the positive outcomes of your fitness routine depends on several factors: the type of exercise, time and frequency, and consistency. If you discover your optimal levels of these components, the first two months is when noticeable changes will inevitably start to show. 

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